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Sweet Homemade innovates by creating a line of handmade products with top quality ingredients without the addition of preservatives. The dessert is already baked without containing syrup.


The consumer can economically and in a very short time prepare the amount of syrup he needs and enjoy his dessert fresh at any time. The basic recipe is written on the package, but everyone can use any recipe or sweetener they want.


This allows people on special diets to use any sweetener other than plain granulated sugar.


Preparation time is 30 minutes and upon completion the product weighs 500 g.

Sweet Homemade KADAIFI

SKU: 5214000158059
  • Baked product ready to add syrup. Weight of finished product 500 g.

  • Piece weight 180 gr.

    Box of 20 pieces

    Pallet of 72 boxes

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